Zhu Yufu's Appeal Denied
Dissident Sent to Forced Labor Prison

On May 6, 2012, the Chinese Human Rights Defenders network reported that Zhu Yufu’s appeal of his seven-year sentence was denied.  On May 10, the network reported that Zhu was transferred to Zhejiang Prison No. 4, in the Prefecture of Hangzhou Shi, Yuhang District.   Zhejiang Prison No. 4 is a forced labor camp (“laogai”) whose inmates produce hoists, hand trolleys and other items for the state-owned Hangzhou Wulin Machinery Company for pennies a day.  China is sensitive about the camps.  Melissa Chan, the English-language correspondent for Al Jazeera in China, was expelled from the country on May 7, 2012, at least in part for her reporting on prison conditions.  The New York Times said Chinese authorities were angered by Al Jazeera’s description of prison labor as a form of slavery for millions of inmates in a documentary broadcast in November, 2011.

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